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The sailing of tomorrow today

Our society is currently being converted, and the environmental issues are at the heart of policies. 

It seems to us necessary to take part in the redefining of our future world by designing innovating products in our changing world.

Thus, the ecomobility has become a major thrust to our work, and the sun, a source of energy and also of inspiration.

The SunWave line is a set of solutions for the coastal ecomobility which respect the environment, which are dedicated to wether yachting or working boats, which offer both energy effectiveness and pleasure of sailing in silence and with no pollution.


SunWave is a mark of the company AA’ROK which is above all a design department specialized in innovations, from the aeronautics.

Based in the South of France, in the aeronautical hub of Istres, AA’ROK also has a shipyard where all the SunWave line products are built.

Thanks to the physical proximity between the design department and the production unit, the engineers get an extraordinary dynamic in designing and producing innovations giving aeronautical processes and technologies to the naval sector.

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AA/ROK Pôle Aéronautique Jean-Sarrail, Chemin des Bellons, 13800 Istres