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A test and showing season in Europe and in Switzerland is ending, and our demo SunWave S2 is about to head for its home port for a well-deserved wintering. Then, it will be dedicated to the developments of the product range and to the testing of new innovations.

Thus, that is time to draw up an assessment of the period gone by and to remind you the story which leads to give birth to this little wonder the SunWave S2 – awarded the 2018 prize for The Best Electrical Boat of the Year .

SunWave S2

All begins in a garage…

… it may be a bit cliché to say that, but that is true ! The first electro solar boat self-sufficient in energy was born in 2012, in a business incubator in the South of France. Its designer is so sure of the possibility to find an energy balance on a boat. For that, it is necessary to redefine everything : the hulls are optimized, all the equipment aboard has to use as little energy as possible, the solar panels have to be ventilated to maximize the energy production and all that has to navigate in normal sea conditions which means a great stability.

The goal is to design a real marine ship, able to have high performances as well in coastal navigation as in inland water bodies. At that time, the electrical boats were limited to inland water bodies and their performances remained at poor levels. Thus, that new prototype seems to stand somewhat as a UFO meaning Unidentified Floating Object ! The prototype has been accompanied by the James Bond music in a TV report on FR3 channel…

The clearly successful testing results ended with the Golden Medal at the competition Lépine of 2013 in Strasbourg.

And, the remarkable performances of those first boats self-sufficient in energy allowed public and private services to obtain such ships which are still sailing. That gives rich comeback information on the using of this new type of boats.

In 2018 , the AA’ROK company and the designer of the first solar boats self-sufficient in energy launched the SunWave line with their first born product the S2.

Thanks to its predecessors’ experience, the S2 is much faster, more spacious and has a bigger self-sufficiency with its new generation batteries developed especially for it.

The first time it has been shown to the public was a total success. That was at the Paris Boat Show in 2018. It received the Prize Of the Electrical Boat of the Year and many people applauded that innovation quickly drafted by an outstanding team.

Then, it is a great ride on roads and all types of water bodies, both in response to achieve the new design and in order to share the extraordinary pleasure to sail aboard this machine of the future.

Now the production is launched,

the first S2 ship leaves behind the memory of beautiful moments of sharing, of adventures, of storms, but also of marvelous sunny days and of good swim in the Calanques or at Porquerolles, of evenings with wonderful sunsets on legendary water courses, of savouring Champagne aboard, of sharing a friendly raclette on the shore of Lake Léman…Can you imagine all that we can live with a SunWave S2, with our family or our friends thanks to the vast potential of the pleasure boat of tomorrow…