• SunWave


While the SunWave line comes into production, it seems to us necessary to propose a solution to the port services.

Label "ports propres"

Ports currently meet environmental demands and have to qualify for the eco-label « clean ports ». But when you clean up a port by using a ship with a petrol engine (thus polluting), you destroy some and you improve some.

As the SunWave W2 is electric and non polluting (silent in addition), it allows to maximize the port cleaning up operations.

The SunWave W2 is also a multifunction ship,

which allows a use for port servitude industry. Thanks to its torque, it can tow ships much bigger than itself. It can also be used as the basis for the work of the maintenance of anchorage equipment, or for divers. Its high manoeuvrability gives it the possibility to travel through very narrow spaces, with a positioning using the precision of an electronically controlled machine.

And last but not least, the SunWave W2 can be equipped with the same solar roof as the S2 one and that allows it to be continuously in charge with no need to be plugged on wharf.

The clean ports of tomorrow will no doubt be equipped with SunWave W2.