• SunWave


Whereas we are working very hard to develop the ecomobility at the heart of our cities, the water bodies have played second fiddle.

Though, rivers often split the cities and thus they create a natural barrier that prevents the continuity of urban activities and force the use of limited bridges or tunnels, so many expensive investments chronically jammed. .

Yet, to travel in our cities by the water bodies is a way less expensive and more effective. But that must be without any pollution and thanks to the new technologies we know now, all that is possible.

If a few electrical solutions exist, they are indeed zero emission but they mostly still have an impact on the city distribution networks, since they must provide the wharves with charging stations which very often produce very high power ranges.

With the SunWave T2, no more impact on the shore! The T2 does have its own solar recharging 2kW battery, that gives it the total energy autonomy in sailing at cruising speed.

Inspired by the pleasure boat SunWave S2, the T2 has been improved in many points: much more solar production surface, much more battery capacity, wider to increase its stability. Its front stabilization foils give it an added flexibility in waves we can have on the cross with barges or other big boats. And the wave-piercing hulls generate practically no wake.

The SunWave T2 has got a cabin which can be completely closed, with two PRM accesses, with some storage area for luggage, cycles or trotters. The pilot has aids to navigation in order to optimize his stroke and he will have a “hot plug” system in order to allow the T2 to recharge automatically between its different races .

And finally, if the need in electricity exceeds the supply provided by the T2 batteries (race in high speed for instance), we propose the solution of solar and hydrokinetic Smart Pontoons which are continuously recharging and can provide the required electricity supplement

The SunWave T2 is a revolutionary step in the ecomobility in the heart of our cities, and it is a unique solution with no impact on the environment or on the shoreline development, with no noise and no wake, and so enjoyable to use !